How Reliance Jio charging behind FREE voice calls?

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In 4G (VoLTE), voice calls use data (Voice over LTE).


I used Jio Join app on my OnePlus2 connected to Jiofi device and made a 3 mins call using that app on my OnePlus2 mobile. Around 1.2 MB of data was consumed. (check JioJoin app data usage in the image)

For 1000 mins per month of Outgoing, around 1.2 GB data will be consumed.

Not to forget, INCOMING calls will also consume same amount (1.2 GB) of data for 1000 mins per month.

Hence a normal user making and receiving 10 calls each per day will consume 2.4 GB of data for voice calls in Jio! (This is Rs 250, calculated as half from their Rs 499 Medium plan).

Data will not be consumed for voice calls if the Jio SIM is directly inserted in a TRUE 4G phone (viz Lyf phones and all the supported phones list shared by Jio).

Which 4G Phone You must need to Buy?

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Are you thinking to buy a new 4G phone for using True 4G (VoLTE)? Then Read this.

In India currently the telecom operators use either one, two or all three LTE bands to offer true 4G data & voice for us.

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These LTE bands are:

Band 5 : (850 MHz) : 8± Mbps Speed

Band 3 : (1800 MHz) : 18± Mbps Speed

Band 40 : (2300 MHz) : 150± Mbps Speed

LTE bands used by Indian Telecom Operators:

Vodafone : Band 3

Idea : Band 3

Telenor : Band 3

Airtel : Band 3, Band 40

Jio : Band 3, Band 5, Band 40

So looking at the above details it is best to buy a 4G phone which offers True 4G (VoLTE) connectivity as follows:

– for Fastest Speed : join with Jio or Airtel (with Band 40 phone)

– for Widest Connectivity : join with Jio (with Band 5, Band 3 and Band 40 combined phone)

– for Universal Portability : Buy a Band 3 phone as it can be used with any operator in India for medium 4G speed (but NOT fastest).

You can read here List of VoLTE enabled 4G phone in India :



  1. When you buy a 4G phone, look at the LTE bands entries in the specifications of that model of phone and also check for VoLTE (True 4G) enabled in it. You can search on Google the model no and ‘specifications’ words together to get the specifications of that model.
  2. JioFi 2 (MiFi Device from Jio) supports all 3 bands.

How to Get Reliance Jio SIM and Activate

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Reliance Jio’s entry into the country’s already crowded mobile operator market is predicted to shake things up, and that’s an irony. With a claim to serve customers with solely 4G technology, Reliance Jio tariffs and rollout plans were announced Thursday by Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani at the company’s AGM in Mumbai. He unveiled the corporate’s highly-anticipated 4G service with a bouquet of offers and services.

The biggest highlight, which grabbed everyone’s eyeballs throughout the launch, was Reliance Jio’s ‘free voice calls’, even on roaming. Yes, you browse that right. Mukesh Ambani revealed that there will be no charges while creating calls anywhere in India, and therefore the users will solely pay money for mobile knowledge.

Breaking the silence over the Reliance Jio’s tariff plans, Ambani said that the corporate’s straightforward and clean tariff plans start from a pocket-friendly one-day Internet set up costing Rs. nineteen, which offers you unlimited calling (each voice and VoLTE, even on roaming) along with 100MB of usable information, and SMS (up to a cap of one hundred per day as per Trai’s rule). You’ll be able to study Reliance Jio’s tariff plans in our detailed Reliance Jio tariff plans guide.

Till Thursday, the country saw thousands queuing up to get Jio’s free SIM with company’s ‘Jio Preview Provide’. As we have a tendency to mentioned, for now, the Jio SIM was solely out there to users of a handful of OEMs. Coming this Monday, Reliance Jio can be on the market to anyone and the SIM can work on all on the market handsets that support VoLTE. Beneath the ‘Jio Welcome Provide’, all new and existing users are entitled to get pleasure from free calling, messaging, and data services till December 31.

So, if you’re fascinated by Reliance Jio’s offers and need to give the services a strive, here may be a guide on how to obtain and activate a Reliance Jio SIM card, and setup services like voice over LTE (VoLTE):

Getting the Reliance Jio SIM card
Before its official launch, Reliance Jio SIM cards were accessible in the slightest degree Reliance-owned Digital Stores, Digital Xpress, and Digital Xpress Mini stores throughout the country. Now that the announcement has been created, Reliance Jio SIM should be accessible at your neighbourhood telecom store in addition. He additionally introduced eKYC customer verification to activate SIM cards nearly instantly when you buy them. You’ll be able to head to the corporate website to grasp where you’ll get the SIM cards near you.

Documents you’ll need to induce a Reliance Jio SIM card
With the eKYC process, you’ll want to supply your Aadhaar card to the get the instant activation. Just head to 1 of the higher than-mentioned Reliance-owned stores close to your along together with your Aadhaar card. The Aadhaar card serves as both your address proof and identity proof, however if you do not have one, you’ll have to submit alternative documents for these proofs, the list of that can be found on the Reliance Jio web site.

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Alongside, you will need 2 passport-size pictures. You’ll get the Reliance Jio SIM card whilst you complete the method of verification. Just keep in mind to hold your original documents for verification alongside the photocopies you will be submitting, and make certain the photos are recent.

Activating your Reliance Jio SIM card

After you receive the SIM card, you will be prompted to follow the steps sent by the company to your registered email address. Since the activation and billing method is entirely online, you’ll be able to get the receipts through your emails and SMS moreover. Reliance Jio will also tele-verify your phone range to finish the entire activation and verification process.

VoLTE activation
To activate VoLTE, the manner you create voice calls on the Reliance Jio network, you will need to create a decision on 1977. Tele-verification method will be dispensed on the same decision. Don’t forget to have your Jio SIM purchase bill and alternative documents prepared beforehand.

We have already emphasised on how people are impatiently waiting to induce Reliance Jio SIM cards, and we tend to’d like to warn you are possible to encounter lengthy queues come back Monday.